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FabricSeal is a permanent fabric protection treatment that repels both water and oil based stains without the need to frequently clean.  FabricSeal does not change the feel or behaviour of treated fabrics and other products while maintaining the fabrics lustre and appearance without the need for dry cleaning or laundering.

Fabrics treated with FabricSeal are saturated with protective chemical resins.  These resins are then subjected to intense infrared radio frequency waves as part of the curing process.

The protection supplied by fabricSeal isgained by initially increasing the surface tension of the fabric by decreasing the amount of space between the fibres.  The chemical resins then surround the fibres creating a greater surface tension.  The curing process begins as the solvents evaporate leaving the chemical resins to protect the fibres. 

This process provides superior fixing to the fibres resulting in a faster and more permanent fabric treatment.  FabricSeal repels both water and oil based stains without changing the feel or texture of the fabric.  

FabricSeal maintains the appearance without steam or dry cleaning.  The treatment can be used on all fibres and is non toxic and odourless.