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A flame retardant treatment, FlameSeal can be used on all fibres including synthetic and natural regenerated fabrics, Wallpapers and Leather ensuring they comply with all Australian and International standards.

Australian Hi-Tech Fabric Treatments offers two flame retardancy treatments.  Our standard FlameSeal Flame Retardant treatment is used when the fabrics to be treated are not routinely machine washed such as Upholstery and Drapes. Our FlameSeal Supreme Flame Retardant treatment is more durable and adds further resistance to all forms of cleaning including Machine Washing and Dry Cleaning.

The FlameSeal Retardant Range can be applied to almost any Fabric, Leather or flammable material to comply to all Australian and International Standards or Codes.

The Advantage FlameSeal Flame Retardancy fabric finishing process is in the top of its class and maintains the fabrics natural drape and texture.  The highest quality flame retardants are used to treat your fabric and the chemicals are non-toxic, recyclable and environmentally friendly.