A Little About Us

Sustainability a Positive Step for our Planet

Australian Hi-Tech Fabric Treatments place a high importance in sustainability and doing as much as we can, not only as individuals but also as a company.
I believe passionately, it is my responsibility as the owner in striving to find better, more efficient ways to operate in order to reduce our carbon footprint on our planet.

Australian Hi-Tech Fabric Treatments were one of the first to cross over from the old solvent based technology to start using all nontoxic, eco-friendly water based treatments back in the early 90s.
Furthermore we are also proud to report that by the end of 2021 we will be producing all the electrical energy ourselves for the treatments of your fabrics. This was an enormous commitment in both time and financial expense but I strongly believe it was the right decision and a positive step forward in helping our planet.

The 100% green energy will be collected from an array of solar panels then stored in battery banks, allowing us to go completely off the power grid as a customer and return as a supplier of green energy. And any energy we don’t consume will be pumped back into the grid as green energy that accumulates to approximately 30-40 tonnes of carbon credits per year and taking a positive step for our planet.