How to choose the right fabric and its protection treatment for your hospitality business?

The hospitality industry is expanding with rising footfalls of guests and tourists. It also makes business owners more careful and want to create more memorable guest experiences. A hotel is such a place where many visitors come every day. Therefore, all the hotel furniture and accessories should be in diserably pristine condition. It is worth choosing wisely the materials for furnishings. This calls for superior quality fabric protection treatment to take care of the upholstery, furnishings, awnings, or patio cushions so that their guests enjoy the time spent there.

Different Types of Fabric Used in Hotels:


Stain Resistant Upholstery Fabrics:

You cannot avoid dirt inside the hotel. However, to deal with it quickly, it’s always best to choose stain-resistant upholstery fabrics. Thanks to this invention, you can quickly remove the stain and let your guests continue to enjoy a beautiful sofa, pillow or bedding. There are several types of easy-to-clean upholstery materials. You can find soft and natural-looking modern materials with a delicate shine or even more durability. They differ in properties, functionalities, smoothness and structure. However, they all have outstanding resistance to dirt and are very easy to clean.

Waterproof Upholstery Fabrics:

In hotels, it can often happen that the guests spill a drink on a sofa or armchair accidentally. A particular type of hydrophobic coating makes it difficult to absorb liquids, so with a swift reaction, you can get rid of the spilt juice, coffee or wine and even avoid leaving a trace. The ease of cleaning is not the only helpful feature that actually distinguishes fabrics of this type. Among the numerous advantages, one of the most significant features is the resistance abrasion. The finest waterproof upholstery fabrics should serve many years while maintaining the original appearance for as long as possible. Some of them will undoubtedly work for hotels that accept pets. Easy hair removal and high resistance to scratching is a great convenience.


Flame Retardant Upholstery Fabrics

Customized hotel furniture and bedding must always meet the users’ needs in various situations. One of them is often fire, which can impactfully cause significant damage. Therefore, choose flame-retardant fabrics for the assured safety of all guests and employees. Finding them will be easy because they have a special certificate that confirms their unique qualities. These fabric types do not burn but they melt, making them much safer. Such materials include cotton and also cotton mixed with polyester. In the case of the hotel interiors, it is always worth using them not only in the rooms but also in the hotel lobby or restaurant.

All these fabrics mentioned above undergo superior quality fabric protection treatment that makes them ready to experience daily wear and tear. Fabric protection will significantly reduce the absorbency of fabric or floor covering without changing the fabric’s colour, texture or feel. This allows most spots and spills to be quickly blotted away on protected furnishings, making spot cleaning a breeze.


Is fabric protection sustainable?

Yes! Fabric protection makes furnishings more sustainable by increasing their useful life. Fabric protection paired with fabric cleaning and maintenance services that we at Australian Hit-tech Fabric Treatment offer improve the appearance of your soft surfaces and protect your investment in fine furnishings. It helps you save on long-term maintenance costs that might be needed down the road. Using your furnishings for longer helps slow the fast furniture crisis we face today. Rather than throwing out unprotected furnishings every time they get soiled, keep them for years to come with the help of fabric protection.

With our premium range of Fabric Protection services- FabricSeal ™, you can protect your fabric upholstery. Modern upholstery textiles come in various materials, from wool and cotton to the synthetic fabrics, and are the incredibly adaptable.

Protecting high-quality fabric-upholstered furniture against stains is crucial for your peace of mind while also preserving the piece’s natural feel and beauty.

No amount of premium fabric protection can avert a spill or an accident. However, it will stop the spill from leaving a lasting mark. Remember that the sooner you clean up the spill, the less likely a stain will linger.

If you want superior-quality fabric protection treatment services, contact us at Australian Hi-tech Fabric Treatment now!