Prevention of Fabric Discoloration Using Professional Fabric Protection Services 

Did you know? Australia has one of the most damaging sunlight conditions in the world. Different types of soft furnishings and upholstery get damaged if they are left exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time. Natural yarns like silk or cotton and regenerated cellulose pulp fibres like rayon, viscose, and art silk are specifically at risk. Before we get into the benefits of professional fabric protection services, let us share the reasons why fabrics get discoloured and how to reduce colour fading in fabrics.  


The Three Main Causes of Colour Fading in Fabric

Photo Degradation:

UV light will cause a reaction between the atmospheric moisture in the fabrics and the oxygen in the air to create a bleaching agent known as hydrogen peroxide. This breaks down the dyes. It is not the fabric that fades away; the dye offers the colour that breaks down. In any place where moisture is present, such as coastal areas, high-humidity areas, vacation homes, and offices that are not regularly ventilated or don’t have frequent air conditioning, the fabrics become vulnerable to decolourization and fading. The winter sun that sits lower in the sky can cause significant damage, especially when the protective curtains are pulled back to “warm the room”.  


  • Dry and Wet Crocking:

Being one of the best fabric protection service providers in Australia, we can say that there are some dyes that are physically held on the fibre, and these can be worn off over time. You have to think of them like buying a new pair of jeans, that was pre-faded, or you wash them several times to fade the dyes. This is known as the physical release of dyes by abrasion or agitation. It happens when the fabric is dry or damp from sweat. Particle soiling contributes to dry crocking.  


  • Fume Fading:

Fumes from chimneys, exhausts, gas fires, stoves, or other areas where combustion is present will be a sulphur compound. That, when combined with humidity, creates a mild sulphuric acid that can be absorbed by the fabric. This is when the discolouration, fading, and deterioration of the fabric happens. Not only will the fabric’s colour fade away, but the fibre of the fabric will also be damaged because the chemical bonds break down due to oxidation. It makes the fabric brittle, causing it to break and tear easily when cleaned.  


How to Reduce Colour Fading in Fabrics?

Here are the best ways to reduce colour fading in fabrics:

Removing the window furnishings, having a better ventilation system, and removing any other furnishings from direct sunlight will reduce colour fading in fabrics. The best option is to choose professional fabric protection services that offer premium surface protection. Our eco-friendly water-based treatment process reduces the chances of fabric colour fading. Also, the treatment will protect the fabric from moisture and the damaging compounds that settle on the textile, making routine cleaning more accessible and effective and reducing the chemical reaction that causes fading. Also, professional fabric protection services minimize the effect of dye crocking.  


What are the Benefits of Professional Fabric Protection Services?

  • No more stains, spills, and spoils –

Professional fabric protection services customize their services according to your specific requirements. Therefore, rest assured that you shall have a customized fabric protection service. 

  • Easy cleaning system –

Treating the fabrics with non-toxic, water-based solutions ensures that the surface tension is. Thus, any liquid spilt on the fabric will not penetrate the surface. It acts as a coating mechanism for the fabrics. The absorbing materials like cotton or linen will have a better and stronger defence against spills. Most importantly, the cleaning process will become easier. 

  • The fibres stay as good as new –

With cleaning made easy, the fibre stays as good as new for a long time. Regular cleaning also prevents dirt penetration through the carpet and furniture fibres, keeping them clean and as good as new. 

  • Keeping the space hygienic –

Professional fabric protection services ensure no dust mites or allergens. They are kept out of upholstery fillings and can be easily vacuumed with a quality vacuum cleaner. If you want to keep the space hygienic, the best option is to get professional fabric protection services.